Behind the campaign

"Stop trying to fit in, aim to be different instead! Our uniqueness is a gift and we should embrace it with confidence, for it makes us who we are." - Amevia

Me & Her collection is inspired from insecurities and self-confidence feeling that many women are facing in this modern era.


In this season, we took the photoshoot at an elegant boutique venue located in South Jakarta area to match the retro yet classic style that our collection aim to coincide.

Slide to see the process-making of our newest collection

Get to know the team

Just like always, Ratel's Co-Founders were present fully to make sure things go as planned and in timely manner. Main player during the set was of course, Amevia - our muse and the reason behind this campaign. This lady surely knows what she wants and know her ways to work with the crew to get the details she envisioned. Our fashion designer, Astrid was on hand during the photoshoot, sewing on on the spot and even steaming to make sure the garments are well-showcased.

This campaign also wouldn't be possible without Kreshna & Intan, the perfect duo who both have years of experience in fashion & beauty industry. Kreshna's keen eye highlights our product features and the character of this collection. And Intan always succeed in creating beautiful make-up and hairstyle. Last but not least, our favorite hustling videographer, Kezia (who can do it all academically and professionally) captured the essence of Me & Her. Her shot portrayed the personality of a woman who embrace her self-worth and celebrate who she is, ceaselessly.