Behind the scenes

At Ratel, our favorite part of every season is the campaign development and principal photoshoot. This season we gathered up at a cozy studio at Jakarta Barat to shoot our Earthful (SS20) pieces.

Slide the pictures below to take a peek at our amazing team
Meet the team

Caroline - the talented designer behind our collections, developing inspiration and styles for each collection. She is on hand at our photoshoots to make sure details of the garments are showcased

Kreshna - with years of experience in fashion photography, Kreshna has a keen eye to highlight our product features and deliver a clear and strong vision of Ratel's looks

Intan - creating a beautiful make-up look and tousled hairstyle that reflects the inspiration of our campaign by emphasizing on natural beauty

Dion - with passion in video making, Dion captures the essence of Earthful; minimalism, thoughts and reflection and immerse the viewers into the collection's look and feel