10 Ways to Add Creativity to Your Photography

Taking pictures can be so much fun! And the good news is your phone is enough to make more than Insta-worthy pictures. All it takes is a little bit creativity and the phone itself! Here are a few tips & tricks on using your phone to snap those great pictures:

1. Panorama views

- Elongate your body figure or make motion using panorama mode on your camera

- Take picture from lower angle

- Tilt your phone and use panorama mode vertically

2. Use effects from mirror for creative pictures

- More mirrors more fun

3. Spot your subject

- It’s better to focus on just one subject

- Make sure the subject doesn’t fill the entire pictures

- Tap your phone screen on the subject to make the “focus” better

4. Use Negative Space

- Maximize the negative space, which is the area around the subject

- Examples of negative space are an empty wall, sky, water and so much more

5. Find patterns for aesthetic

- Spot the repetitive patterns or identical subjects

- Make sure subjects are all over the picture

6. Play with perspectives

- Try different kind of angles such as using the sky as the negative space

- See through the camera on your phone to find the perfect angle

7. Look for color aesthetic

- Don’t put too much color in one picture

- Spot similar color subjects and arrange them

8. Work those natural light

- Don’t be afraid to take pictures in sunlight

- Capture those glowing hours moments

9. Flashlight effect

- Turn on your phone’s flash

- Cover half of the camera lens with the tip of your finger

10. Staircase shadow as part of the picture

- Switch off most of the light

- Turn on your flash and direct towards staircase

- Take the photo from upper angle and capture the shadow

Be as creative as possible and experiment on different kind of angles. See you on our next blog!

Written by : Claudine Jessica

Pics source : www.pinterest.com


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