5 Fabulous Instagram Theme Ideas to Inspire You

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms to show your identity and sometimes posting random pictures might end up making your feeds look messy (oops!). Here are a few ideas to make your Instagram feeds even better!

Vintage theme

Set the vintage vibe with grainy pictures, add a tint of light for extra effect.

App to use:

1. Mextures

2. Add grain and lighting effects

3. Polar

4. Add 3D effect and glitch using fringing tool

Black and white aesthetic

Use black and white to accentuate a certain color or mainly make YOU the main focus!

Source : Kelsey Simone

Apps to use:


2. Facetune

Feminine Pink

Is pink your favorite color? if yes! Then this theme is perfect for you..

Source : Freddy Cousin Brown

App to use:

1. Lightroom

2. Lower contrast

3. Higher temperature, brightness, black, and white

Warm Vibe

The glowing hour theme for natural lighting, get those L.A. vibe!

Source : Tina Dao

App to use:

1. Snapseed

2. Higher ambience

3. Use HRD tool and grainy film tool

High Saturation theme

The trending theme of 2019!

Source : Tara Milk Tea

App to use:

1. Lightroom

2. Higher temperature

3. Increase the pink and red color in the color option

There are a lot of fun apps to try so don’t be afraid to experiment with those filters girls….

Be as creative as you can, your instagram feeds might be the new trend!

Written by: Claudine Jessica


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