A/W'18 Collection

By: Anastasia Carolina

“The way she walks…

…not only that she’s youthful, …

… she also has that fun and charisma”

“But most importantly, she is ready to OWN the game.”

As if it’s two sides of the same coin, every woman possesses two contradicting edges within their own charm. This collection is inspired by the warmth of autumn glow and the iciness of winter.

Autumn/winter’18 emphasized on sensuality, elegance, and charisma. Powerful yet graceful. Gentle yet fierce. We carefully selected the best fabric and created designs that will perfectly embody the epitome of the lady.

This collection centralizes on femininity of a woman’s body. Each of the 5 styles symbolizes an individuality that brings to the table, a distinctive image.

A dapper tuxedo with flawless sheer fabrics, a backless dress full of seduction, a fierce military inspired jumpsuit, a must-have knitwear that welcomes autumn with open arms and lastly a versatile outerwear ready for any season. All 5 looks are designed to be in a perfect harmony. You got the hard and soft like the Yin and Yang.

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