Clothing Colors That Reveal Your Personality

Your preference in choosing your outfit has so much to do with your personality. Colors are able to help you make a statement, even neutral colors such as white and grey. So here are personalities related to each color:

Vibrant Colors for those who wish to be bold and seen, mostly preferred by extroverts to steal the attention.

1. Red

Shows power and strength. Related to sensuality, aggression, passion, and boldness.

2. Pink

It’s an unconditional love color. Related to people who are romantic, optimistic, and confident, especially if they’re men.

3. Orange

Associated with a warm and positive energy, also with people who are creative and enthusiastic.

4. Green

Related to generosity, charismatic people, and those who are caring toward others feeling.

5. Blue

The best color to put on for an interview. Related to confidence, reliability, positivity, peace, and loyalty.

Pastel Colors for those who are looking forward to feeling calm or not as noticeable. It is a great option to tune down the attention for both extroverts and introverts.

Monochrome Colors for those who don’t want to gather attention, so might not be suitable for people with extrovert personality.

1. Black

Related to power, sophistication, elegance, and authority. But sometimes seen as an unfriendly color.

2. Grey

Wearing this color makes the person look indifferent, depressed, and lack of confidence.

3. White

People who wear this color tend to be neat, balance, and pure.

The natural personality of each color is affected by the personality of the person who wear them. Keep in mind that even black can be seen as an attention seeker when you wear it with confidence!

Written by: Claudine Jessica



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