Dress According to Your Skin Tone

When you’re having trouble selecting an outfit for a special event, date night, or simply casual hangout, knowing your best color is exactly what you need. But before jumping to specific colors, here are few tips to help you understand your own skin undertone:

1. Take a closer look at your skin

If you can find a tint of pink, red, or blue, it means you have a cool toned skin. If your skin is more toward yellow, peach, and gold, it means you have a warm toned skin.

2. The color of your veins

There are some places where you can clearly see the color of your veins such as your hand or your palm. If the color that you see is blue and purple then you have a cool toned skin but if the color is slightly towards green then you have a warm toned skin.

Neutral colors such as black and grey works for all skin color. So if you want to go for a safe option, neutral colors might be what you’re looking for.

Skin Tone:

Best Clothing Colors: Lavender, Mint Green, Blue, Soft Yellow, Peach, Ivory

Best Hair Color: Red, Ash Gray, Ash Brown, Brown, Blonde

Best Clothing Colors: Cranberry, Mustard, Olive, Blue, Pink, Purple, Gold

Best Hair Color: Ash Brown, Dark Brown, Caramel

Best Clothing Colors: Red, White, Ruby, Green, Pink

Best Hair Color : Jet Black or try brave colors such as Bright Pink, Blue, and Green

Here’s another tip for extra accessory to make your outfit look even better:

Cool toned skin is highly recommended to use silver jewelry pieces, while warm toned skin undertone is recommended to use gold jewelry pieces.

Well, you got the perfect outfit color and accessory to complement your look but there’s one last thing that you need to dress better and that is confidence!

You can pull off any look with a good amount of confidence so don’t be afraid to try for different styles and colors!

Written by: Claudine Jessica









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