Express Yourself at Home

Recently, virtual photoshoots trend is rising due to the pandemic. Many models and artists collaborate with photographers to do virtual photoshoots. However, because virtual photoshoots are do-able, now everyone can do it to express themselves at home! Whether it’s with a cellphone or DSLR camera, with great lighting and the perfect spot, you can take stunning pictures even at home. Don't forget to dress up and wear your best outfit!

First, you need a good and stable connection and an app for video calls. A connection is very important for your photo session because it affects the quality of the photo. For lighting, I recommend to do the photoshoot in daylight so you can get natural lighting. You can search inspo for your photoshoot on Pinterest, Instagram or Tik Tok ;)

When you and your friends are ready, you can take some shots with your phone camera or a DSLR camera for a better result. If you use facetime, you can use the “live photo” and take a screen shot while you or your friend are posing. Use glass, flowers and mirror as a property for your photoshoot for more creative results. Hope this tips can help you to start your own virtual photoshoot session.

Here are some inspirations for you:

1. In-frame : Dian Sastro

Instagram: @AnaOctarina

2. In-frame : Abel Cantika

Instagram @michaelcools

3. In-frame : Demi Lovato

Source: Pinterest

Photoshoot Background Inspo

Source: Pinterest

Instagram: @anggiapc

Instagram: @jemril

Written by: Alexandra S.


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