Jakarta Fashion Week 2019—Day 3

Written By: Anastasia Carolina

Thanks to my team, I got the opportunity to attend the third day of JFW 2019, showcasing designers from LaSalle College Jakarta. This is the ninth show that LaSalle College Jakarta contribute in Jakarta Fashion Week. Kali ini, mereka mengusung tema SYMB/OSIS.

Here are the some of the designers that I personally loved.

Bella Fransisca

Source: @lasalleindonesia

In this Office Wear collection, she shares a hint and some shapes of sticky notes that are very much present. The treatments of the collection are colorful beadings from plastic maps that people usually use to organize files, and are hand cut specifically similar to the measurement of a boxy sticky note and chain stitch embroidery.

Maria Tju

Source: @jfwofficial

Her collection is best characterized as being bold, glamorous and unique. The designs are inspired by the unconventional style of flapper women in 1920s; the luxury-feel complemented with creative beadings with contemporary, minimalist mid-length cut silhouette are completed with flowy fabric. And that’s why the name of the collection is Roaring’20s.


Source: @rashesabrina

Rashesa Putri Sabrina presents DELA GOSI collection. Hal yang spesial dari koleksi ini adalah menggabungkan antara kain dari Sengkang (South Sulawesi) dan bahan denim. Lagosi diambil dari nama desa di Sulawesi Selatan dan the lagosi motif describes the shape of large flowers. Dan yang paling menarik, kedua bahan tersebut sengaja di desain seperti layaknya sebuah kimono in modern style.

Putri Mudita

Source: @lasalleindonesia

Athena adalah collection yang ditampilkan oleh Putri Mudita. “Athena, a Goddess of war, is a short message how powerful a woman is. And she is a true portrait of a modern woman should be.” The independent and strong woman is the image that she wants us to perceived. Hal itu terlihat dari koleksinya yang sebagian besar menonjolkan desain pada daerah pundaknya untuk terlihat gagah.

Hi, it's me!

So, this is the end of my highlights from Jakarta Fashion Week 2019, hopefully you enjoyed my short review. See you next year, JFW!


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