Nostalgic Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Devina Chrisanty

It’s almost Halloween! Have you got yourself a costume yet? If yes, then good for you! Means you’re so extra! But if not, don’t you worry. We’re here to give you guys some inspirations to help you pick out a costume.

We’ve picked 6 best outfits for you.

Yang pertama, kalian pasti tau gitaris fenomenal Guns n’ Roses yang akan datang ke Jakarta di bulan November ini. Yes, it’s Slash! Let’s take a look at Imaan Hammam who dressed up like him last year. She looked like she rocked the night away with this 80’s-vibe costume. Here’s some pieces of clothing and accessories to copy her style.

Lalu yang kedua, we bet you know Marilyn Monroe. Stealing her look for Halloween is a classic idea, and it’ll bring the retro and sexy vibe! And here’s how to achieve that look:

Yang ketiga, yuk kita lihat style dari international supermodel, Gigi Hadid! Di tahun 2015, Gigi berhasil menjadi karakter Sarah from “Grease”. Just put on your black off shoulder crop top, and a pair of vinyl jeggings, you’ll look just like her! Psst.. don’t forget to put on your leather jacket too.

Yang keempat, you guys must know the “Riveting RosieMeme. Yes, this one..

Shows how women can be strong, right?

Dengan berkostum seperti ini untuk Halloween, kalian pasti akan terlihat strong and sexy without trying too hard. With a navy blue romper, red belt and headband, and not to forget red heels, you can instantly get her look just in time for Halloween!

Yang kelima, do you guys still remember Britney Spears during the 90s? The sweet and innocent Britney?

How to be 90’s Britney, you asked? Here’s how.

With a tied up white shirt, you’ll get that schoolgirl look! Chic and flirty at the same time.

Let’s move on to 2000s era. Siapa yang disini masih ingat film 101 Dalmatians? Do you still remember the villain? Yes! It’s the one and only Cruella de Vil. Being her for Halloween can help you stand out. You'll have the sultry, and mysterious look at the same time. Here are the clothes, and accessories to be like her.


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