Secrets to Looking Effortlessly Gorgeous at Home

Since the pandemic started, we've made changes to the way we live.. but that doesn't mean it can stop our spirits. While most of us spend our time at home wearing pajamas or tees+short-pants all day, some of you may be struggling to figure out your work from home outfit. In so many ways, your appearance can impact your mood and productivity, so it's really important for you to select your outfit even at home.

HOOTD: Home outfit of the day inspo by @pujiiii (Instagram)

Looking gorgeous doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your need for comfort and mobility, and you don’t have to feel “silly” and overdressed for what to wear at home. If you’re used to dressing like you’re going out for a normal day, keep doing that because it's a way to maintain a good mental health, keeping your mind and soul healthy.

We're living in a golden age of comfy dressing, there are lots of great pieces from loungewear to luxe robes, dresses, and sweatpants that are both comfy and stylish. Everyone find comfort in different things. Some of you might prefer a tie-dye sweatsuit set to feel good, while another might find comfort in wearing luxe socks.

So here are a few tips and tricks that will make you appear as chic as possible while still feeling comfortable and well-rested!

· Stick with what fits you well and makes you feel pretty without much fuss. You can wear your basic combos like a comfy tees and pants, and add a completer pieces, like a headband, jewelries or you can do something with your hair like a messy bun!

Cred: Ashley Victoria Dahms

· Wear ur PJ pants with a simple t-shirt and add a jacket, blazer, or sweater so no one else will know you’re wearing pajamas (except you and your comfy legs). If you’re extra stylish and/or extra lazy on your work from home meetings!

Cred: Modern Day Moguls
Priyanka Chopra in comfy suit set

· If you are too lazy after a work out, a legging or your workout pants can also be paired with longer tops like a crisp button-up or crop top.

· With great hair and a well-moisturized face and if you’re used to it, a hint of make-up! Even a plain grey sweatshirt changes its appearance radically and becomes something really cool!

Hope reading this energizes you.

Always stay inspired! :)





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