Stay at Home Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Hi girls! As this month is a season of giving month, we would like to share a gift guide list for you to send to your loved ones. This is a “Stay at Home” gift guide to complete your stay at home.

DIY Snack Box

The first gift is a DIY snack box. Gather all the snacks that your friend likes, and put it in a big pretty box. Decorate it as you like or add a letter to complete the box. If you have no time to make it by yourself, just order it through online!

Check out on Instagram to get your box of happiness.

Candle Jar

Did you know, scented candles can lift your emotion based on which scent you lit up? Moreover, a nice jar of scented candle also makes a great room decoration. Here are some local candle brands recommendations:

left to right - @serenecandle , @scentandlight , @kindle.kandle

Diffuser Set

Still on boosting your emotion topic, diffuser sets also have the same purpose and uses as scented candles. Here is a personal recommendation for diffuser set and essential oils: - diffuser set @organicsupplyco - essential oils

Sleeping Mask

Complete your “I am going to sleep” look with our pretty sleeping mask. Sleep off and have a sweet dream!

Click here to purchase our sleeping mask

Available in 4 colors

Crochet Blanket

Here is a cuddle-able gift to accompany your WFH or binge watching session. P.s. this blanket also adds some decoration points to your room.

Crochet blanket - Ikea

Dessert Box

This is a perfect gift for a sweet tooth person. Choose your loved ones’ favorite type of dessert!

left to right - @madmilk , @doughmygod , @doux.cookies

Namaste Set

Stay home stay pretty with this namaste set from Casa collection.


Protect your loved ones at all cost with a cute mask. Our mask is well-made with premium fabrics and designed to be comfortable to wear all day. Click here to order your mask!


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