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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

It started through discussions of how the society expects you to look perfect. The beauty standard has got us judging each other's looks and even corrupt our own self-confidence. “Small boobs, skinny body, large thighs, not pretty” Words may be meaningless to some people, but to some others, it can mean everything. Our mental health, confidence, and attitude can be disturbed even only by words. Inspired through this reason, Amevia and Ratel collaborated in making ME & HER collection to empower and embrace every woman who'd like to break the standard as well.

ME & HER collection is made in style to bring confidence for everyone who wears it. The characteristic refers to the details of shape, pattern, accent, colors, and versatility. Retha Mini Dress is made with bold accent, V-neck and silhouette shape to show your prideful, glamour, and sexy appearance. Ivy Backless Dress will easily style you up for cool and chic looks. The design of Emily Shirt allows you to get wrapped in many looks whether it’s tied, tucked in, or lose. Gloria is the ultimate versatility for you to freely transform your looks. Another perfect pair is Becky Frill Top with Oxana Butterfly Pants for your comfy and elegant daily wear. You can wear this in every occasion for a classic, sweet, and timeless vibes. Everything is made to get you to embrace your style and confidence.

Every woman has their own uniqueness and every single look in this collection was made as a reflection of many moods and personalities that one can possess within themselves. Beauty is not about what people say. It’s about being confident no matter how different we are from each other and become the unapologetic version of ourselves.

Written by : Michelle Vanessa

Photo source : shopratel


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