Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style

A wedding day is one of the most memorable and special day for anyone. When preparing a wedding, selecting the theme is the first one on your checklist? Here are several wedding theme ideas to bring your wedding dream comes true!


A perfect theme for people who love a relaxed ambiance! Place your wedding in a rural venue and add string lights, lace, mason jars, and all wood to accentuate the homey vibes.

Source: London Bridestory

Instagram: @papertreedecor


This theme is for the people who love old ambiance from the past decades! Use antiques or aged-looking decorations that would create the vintage feel to your wedding!


Princess-themed wedding

You could make your dream of becoming a princess comes true in your wedding day! Use your favorite princess wedding or even use Disneyland as your venue to make your fantasy comes to live.


Instagram: @rachelvennya


Not only that traditional wedding theme is special, it would also bring out a distinctive value of your own tribe and tradition.

Instagram: @raditya_dika



A theme for you who love being in the nature too much! Choose your most favorite forest, mountain, lake or any other nature places for your venue to create this wedding theme.



Venue: Rippon Hall in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


Being under the sun, listening to the waves, feeling the ocean breeze in your hair, nothing else could be better than this!

Source: Bridestory

Source: Axioo

Movie Inspired

Who says that wedding needs to be all elegant and classic? Do you have a favorite movie that you and your partner really like? Then use it for your wedding theme!


Instagram: @nschietromo

Indoor Garden of Eden

A wedding theme from the famous movie ‘Cray Rich Asian’. Perfect for you who love the idea of garden and nature but you prefer your wedding to be indoor at the same time!

Source: Pinterest

Venue: Chjimes


Beautiful, cool and carefree. Hanging macramé, decorative pillows, flowers tiaras would be needed for your bohemian wedding.

Source: Pinterest

Classic Ancient

Unique, classic, and elegant, these words are the 3 perfect words to describe this wedding theme. Perfect for you who love the ancient or historic ambiance.

Source: Bridestory

Source: Bridestory

Venue: Villa Cimbrone, Italy

Written By: Clarissa Devina



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