The Neverland - MV Coasters

  • A fan of fairytales? Here is our limited edition Tinkerbell coaster. Perfect for you to put your jewelries, drinks, fairytale books, and decorations .


    Material: Resin + Gold Flakes

    Size: Length 12.5cm Width 10cm


    Care Instructions:

    1. Gently wash the products with water and soap, then wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dirt.

    2. All products are durable to heat and cold temperatures.

    3. Do not expose under direct sunlight for too long.


    **Created with love by our teeny-tiny hands. We like to present a magnificent outcome for you, but we are aware of our delicate hands. As it is hand-made, there would be some of our marks seen on our products. A bit of your tolerance would be very much appreciated for any defects on our products. Colors might differ from photos as we only produce unique products - only one piece per design