Violet Jade - MV Coasters

  • Round Resin Coaster with aventurine stones placed around it. Aventurine stones are known to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner. Our creator created this product with the hope of the owner of this coaster will be filled with wealth through money and relationships.

    Color: Combinations of White and Purple
    Size: Diameter 8 cm, Height 1 cm
    Material: Resin + Aventurine Stone

    Care Instructions:
    1. Gently wash the products with water and soap, then wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dirt.
    2. All products are durable to heat and cold temperatures.
    3. Do not expose under direct sunlight for too long.
    **Created with love by our teeny-tiny hands. We like to present a magnificent outcome for you, but we are aware of our delicate hands. As it is hand-made, there would be some of our marks seen on our products. A bit of your tolerance would be very much appreciated for any defects on our products. Colors might differ from photos as we only produce unique products - only one piece per design